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Crew Commander Daily Report

SOL 07

Crew 160

Crew Commander: Lycourgos Manolopoulos

        We all woke up slightly late this morning except for Ashley, she’s always up at like 0500 or so. I guess we felt more tired than usual. Each member always seems to have some sort of game to play when it comes to social entertainment that doesn’t involve the entertainment schedule that we implemented. Surprisingly, it took until SOL 06 to whip out the playing cards. Still, members tend to make sure they have a little private time dedicated to unwind from the lack of privacy that the Martian Habitat provides and I believe everyone is taking naps to pass the time and rest. Not necessarily a bad habit, I just don’t want to see members completely withdrawn from social activities. I am not concerned about this since everyone is getting along, however, it is still my responsibility to keep an eye on everyone and ensure that any problems are solved accordingly. On another note, we have been combining our video excerpts from the Hab and EVA’s for our mid rotation video to send to Mission Support and let them know what we’ve been up to.

        Today’s EVA was extremely helpful in the sense that we now have a much more familiar understanding of our surroundings and landmarks. I noted this in a personal journal and plan to expand this charted map onto a larger piece of paper for reference. I began to look into the digital mapping provided by Mission Support and located MDRS easily. I will look into the accuracy of the GPS devices when they are set to different coordinate systems while comparing them to the map’s data.