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Crew Commander Daily Report

SOL 08

Crew 160

Crew Commander: Lycourgos Manolopoulos

Not too sunny today. Winds were a bit abnormal compared to what we are used to. Ashley and I conducted our EVA to monitor and retrieve our engineer’s testing with the Sandstorm rover. We also conducted the EVA engineering checklist with a bit of a hiccup. We took the safety protocol for the static tank that requires refilling from the trailer tank when the static tank is near 24 inches. We began the pumping and unfortunately we managed, somehow, to drop the meter stick into the static tank and it decided to get comfortable near the bottom at a slant. Now we just need to find a tool to reach it and take it out. We will need to do this tomorrow during our EVA.

The rover looks great! Our engineer got it working, just like everything else. The thing zips passed everything and crawls over rocks flawlessly. I managed to take some photos and videos! The live video feed really helps with guiding the rover across the terrain and it is a really sweet setup. The controls, from what I am told, take a little bit of getting used to but all very convenient to use.