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Crew 160 Journalist Report Sol 8

January 3, 2016

Cassandra Vella

Today was a relaxing day off as we all got a little more sleep and some really nice cereal and potato soup in the morning from Hiroki. As we planned out a bunch of activity for the rest of the week’s stay here on Mars, Marc collected photos and video footage from each of us to create some awesome media to share as my personal camera died the other day.

Hiroki prepared a big batch of potatoes and pasta for lunch as Commander Lycourgos worked with Ashley and Marc on plans to test the rover on a short EVA. The EVA was successful as the Sandstorm rover made its way about the closed proximity of the Hab confines. The steering components worked as well as we expected leaving the rover in tip top shape. It was very cloudy and chilly outside today so the EVA crew was glad to come inside after watching the rover rove about in its success.

Hiroki is going to heat up the leftovers from lunch today as he made plenty for a big family like us, and he will probably throw in some rice, veggies or soup as well for dinner for the crew tonight. Afterwards we’ll have some nice bonding time and have a lovely 8th Sol here on Mars.