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Below is our EVA #09 Summary.

EVA Number: Crew 160

EVA #09 Summary Report

EVA Date: 5th Jan 2016

Crew Commander Reporting

Purpose of EVA: Locate and document White Rock Reservoir site for Mission Support with photos and video footage.

Location of EVA: 12S-520734E-4248931N (White Rock Reservoir), 12S-520200E-425055N (False location)

Number of EVA Crew: 4

Crew Members going on EVA: Lycourgos, Marc, Ashley, Hiroki


- ATV 1 Used: Yes
- ATV 2 Used: no
- ATV 3 Used: Yes
- ATV 4 Used: Yes

ATV time usage: 1.25 Hours

Duration of EVA: ~1.5 Hours

EVA departure time: 1108

EVA return time: 1228

Time Checks:

- 1st:1215

Summary: We failed to locate the original destination – White Rock Reservoir. We passed the necessary turn since it seemed that the roads became one and we followed the more distinguishable side. This led us far north of our desired location. Still, we were able to document the area mentioned above and saw what is beyond the rock formation to the east of the Hab.