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Crew 160 Journalist Report Sol 10

January 1, 2016

Cassandra Vella

Today had a slow morning so I set out some grab-and-go breakfast for everyone when they woke up. After some chit chat this morning the crew embarked on their EVA to White Rock Reservoir. Unfortunately, the navigation was a little confused, so the crew did not reach the correct destination. The crew took a second EVA and really worked out the kinks in their navigation to find the right spot.
I prepared a few different soups for lunch while Ashley and Lycourgos made some jambalaya for texture. Lunch was then followed by some funny “Rick and Morty.”

Our research is moving on really well and our radish seeds have sprouted over these last few sols and it is a fantastic sight to experience here in the sandy environment of the Martian landscape!

We also had a few sparkly snow flurries come by today but it was too warm for them to stick around.
The crew took the rest of the day to work on their research and some photos. For dinner John and I had in mind to prepare some vegetable dish and then settle in for a movie night. Everyone agreed that a movie night would be nice after we learned not to play a full game Chinese checkers late at night together. No friendships have been burned yet, but that was pretty tense for all; we know now what will cause the First World War of Mars and will do what we can to avoid it from here on out.