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EVA #11 Request

Request for SOL 12

EVA Request from: Lycourgos Manolopoulos

EVA Crew: 160

EVA date: 7th Jan 2016

Purpose: Obtain photos and videos from Picard Butte for documenting Northern area of MDRS and take more notes for mapping notes for the current and future MDRS crews.

Location: 12S-518733E-4251537N

Number of EVA crew members: 4

Names of crew Members going on EVA: Cassandra, Marc, Hiroki, John

EVA departure time: 1100

EVA return time: 1300

ATV 1 used: Yes

ATV 2 used: no

ATV 3 used: Yes

ATV 4 used: Yes

ATV hours planned usage: .5 Hours