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Crew Commander Daily Report

SOL 12

Crew 160

Crew Commander: Lycourgos Manolopoulos

Commander’s log, SOL 12. It’s been twelve days and they still think I am one of them. Food rations are running low and the hot sauce is all gone. It won’t be long before they start suspecting me as the culprit and conspire for mutiny. I need to find a way to divert their attention, a ruse for my survival. They seem to worry about extraneous topics such as the controversial, on-going conflict of true intergalactic dominance: Star Wars VS Star Trek. I will have my strategy comprise of this nonsense and further fuel their rage to keep them from turning against me. The Star Wars Marathon shall continue. Needless to say, Star Wars wins any day…but some of the crew members think otherwise. Everything is going according to plan.

The EVA conducted today was located at “Piccard’s Butte.” I am not sure if this is the correct name or if a previous crew had deemed it a fitting name. I sent the crew there to provide documentation and chart more notes for mapping purposes, however, the EVA was cut short due to a possible storm building up near their area and the HAB. The crew decided to come back and conduct the engineering check list all together to provide quick feedback to HabCom so that they may end their EVA before the storm hit. Unfortunately, the EVA ended quickly for no storm since it passed by with no problems. This still benefited the crew in the side of safety protocols, which is perfectly fine by me. We still managed to obtain a couple of photos and compile them into a panorama for Mission Support. Personal research is still being conducted as usual.