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Crew 160 Journalist Report Sol 12

January 7, 2016

Cassandra Vella

This morning we got to enjoy a lovely dehydrated fruit- filled breakfast all thanks to our lovely Commander, Lycourgos. After cleaning up the kitchen a bit, Lycourgos and Ashley set up for Habcomm as the rest of the crew suited up for an EVA. John and Marc took the ATVs out towards Picard Butte while Hiroki and I walked out there. At the same time that Hiroki and I turned around to look back at the Hab, John spoke over the comm that they were getting rained on and chased by a storm while spying a bigger storm south of the Hab as well. I made the call to turn back and we all made it back muddy and safely.

Ashley and Lycourgos set up a lunch of macaroni and cheese, rice, and tomato soup for us all. Following lunch and dish washing time, most of the crew huddled around to continue watching Star Wars from starting the Marathon yesterday.

I’m not quite sure yet what Lycourgos and Ashley have in store for us for dinnertime but I bet it will be great for all of us tonight! After dinner we’ll either continue with Star Wars or get some gaming on, depends what we all feel like later I suppose.