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EVA Number: Crew 160

EVA #05 Summary Report

EVA Date: 1st Jan 2016

Crew Commander Reporting

Purpose of EVA:  We conducted a search and rescue mission to practice navigation and communication that would require quick decision making. The usage of the two portable GPS modules were required. EVA members were split into pairs. One pair will travel near the area and the other pair will try to locate the exact location of the pair simulating an injured astronaut (one member “injured”, the other member trying to “stabilize” the injured astronaut). Once found, the EVA crew must establish contact with HabCom and provide precise location utilizing the GPS. This will be timed to see how fast the EVA crew can accomplish this mission.

Location of EVA: 12S-051820E-425025N

Number of EVA Crew: 4

Crew Members going on EVA: John, Hiroki, Ashley, Marc


-        ATV 1 Used: Yes
-        ATV 2 Used: no
-        ATV 3 Used: Yes
-        ATV 4 Used: no

ATV time usage: .50

Duration of EVA: 2 Hours

EVA departure time:  1030

EVA return time:  1230

Time Checks:

-       1st: 1059
-       2nd: 1106
-       3rd: 1130
-       4th: 1144
-       5th: 1156
-       6th: 1210
-       7th: 1217

Summary: The emergency EVA conducted which simulated an injured member, became an actual emergency in the essence of racing with time. The crew became disoriented due to the confusion of the faulty GPS devices that provided false coordinates and rapid fluctuations.  This was corrected by having Ashley, the member that had to stabilize the injured member, find a hilltop to assist the search and rescue team in finding their location. Once find, the team assisted the injured member down the mountain. One team jogged back to the Hab while the other team was supposed to ride the ATVs back. The first team that jogged was notified that one ATV did not start, but they were already near the hab. The one ATV that worked was used to tow the second ATV (while in neutral) at a reasonable, safe speed, so that the two remaining members can make it to the Hab in time.