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John F. Herman

Sol 02, 12/28/15

Crew Health & Safety Officer/ Crew Biologist

        All crew accounted for and no injuries to report. An EVA was done today by Lycourgos, John, Ashley, and Cassandra. It lasted 45mins, and nobody had any breaches in their suits. However, Cassandra had an incident where her EVA cap fell off her head and blocked her field of view. We then helped her try to maneuver for the rest of the EVA but she tripped over a rock, fell, and had to have an emergency abort for the rest of her EVA time. I also had an incident where I got separated from the rest of the EVA group. The reason for this was because we were all on a hilltop trying to get down, and I thought I saw a path but the ground was too loose. The ground crumbled underneath me, causing me to slide roughly 30ft. I made a controlled descent using my right arm and right leg; this allowed me to gently slide down the hillside, but I could not get back to the rest of the group. The rest of the group found a safer way to get down, and we regrouped near the Hab.

        On the psychological side of things, everyone seems to still be in good spirits. The whole being conservative with water thing is difficult though. The crew, especially the XO and myself, are finding it difficult to adapt mentally to this conservative water usage. Other than that, all crew seem to still be working as an effective team.

        As Crew Biologist too, I did want to make a request for Mission Support. The GreenHab Officer and I went out into the GreenHab to look at what was there and were disappointed to find nothing. The aquaponics system sent by our school, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, has not been fully built to be operational yet. A request from the GreenHab Officer and I is to complete this task. We wish to finish the construction of the aquaponics piping and make it operational. We understand that the plants and the fish for the aquaponics system will come at a later date, but to make this system operational would be huge. The reason we want to do it is because our school was the group that sent it to the Station, which in our minds it would only be fitting for us to begin and finish this construction. Please give us a response on this issue as soon as possible so that we know whether or not we can begin construction on this issue.

Lycourgos Manolopoulos