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Daily Summary Form

SOL: 02


Commander: Lycourgos Manolopoulos
Second in Command: Ashley Hollis-Bussey

Summary Title: First EVA Conducted

We completed our first EVA for our two week rotation. We were able to locate and designate a destination on the map and hike to the destination with the EVA crew.

Morning briefings
1.       Update crew on first EVA mission information
2.       Provide updated daily schedule to ensure that reports are submitted to Mission Support by    7PM.

Mission planning for the day

Ashley, John, Cassandra, and I were conducting the first EVA and informed them on the buddy system setup to ensure maximum safety. I also briefed Marc and Hiroki, today’s HabCom team, on how to utilize the radios for group talk communications and how to complete the daily EVA checklist. Continue to conduct the research projects of each crew members.

Mission planning for the week

1.      Have everyone conduct EVAs (please see EVA schedule), become familiarized with the rovers (ATVs) and conduct their research projects. I will assist in teaching how to read the topographical maps so that everyone is becomes comfortable and experienced with tracking locations of the crew.

Mission planning for the remaining time of the mission

1.      Same as above as well as making sure everyone is getting along, having time to relax and releasing any stress that may come from low privacy as well as living in an isolated environment. Emphasize the importance of consistent communication during EVAs.