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Crew Commander Daily Report

SOL 03

Crew 160

Crew Commander: Lycourgos Manolopoulos

        We had a productive day at the MDRS which proved to be beneficial for our two week rotation. Our engineer kept busy with his carpentry skills to fix up one of the crew member estate room flooring as well as fixing the batteries for one ATV and two EVA suits. Our second EVA shed some light on our flaws on communication. We are still trying to determine the typical range at certain locations for our radios. On the brighter side of the mission, ATVs were utilized and they definitely had a stronger kick to them from what I was expecting. Fairly simple to ride, however, I played it safe and made sure the more experienced members were assigned to this EVA so they can adjust to these specific ATVs and assist in training the less experienced members. I conducted a briefing on how to read the topographical maps as well as the two GPS modules so that each member is comfortable with navigation during EVAs. Regarding the crew members, everyone is still happy and excited for the rotation which is always reassuring to the safety of the crew and the completion of any task. The Executive Commander and I implemented a tentative entertainment schedule for night activities to help maintain social interaction and have planned events to look forward to after a long day of work. We didn’t think this was necessary since all members have been getting along great, it was just an idea to help keep spirits at an all-time high. Note to self, just don’t give them any of my cooking…