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John F. Herman

Crew Health & Safety Officer/ Crew Biologist

Sol 03, 12/29/15

        All crew are safe and accounted for. The EVA today went well health and safety wise, no crew members were injured and all returned safely. The only complaints that I’ve gotten have been that everyone has been feeling “dry” when they wake up in the mornings. Mainly everyone has said this is a problem and I’m currently trying to come up with solutions to this. Also, Ashley has been complaining about a wisdom tooth that has been coming in. She says that it is coming in crooked on the bottom left side of her mouth. She is not being hindered by this, but it is a complaint that will be watched closely.

        Psychologically, all crew members are still adapting. Water is still a concern in the back of everyone’s mind. Today on EVA there was a bit of tension that resulted in a vocal escalation between the Commander and the Crew Engineer. This resulted in nothing more than frustration from the Commander. All is well now though.

        On the Crew Biologist side of things, I am sad to report that I am forced to drop my research. This is due to faulty equipment. The automatic blood pressure that I brought with me, as well as the one that was already here are both reading crew members blood pressure 15-20 points lower systolicly and about 10-15 points lower diastolicly every time readings are taken. Now, either this is really faulty equipment, or there is something that I do not know about. Perhaps someone on the medical side of things in Mission Support could help me out with this dilemma.

        The last bit to my report is the aquaponics system sent by Embry-Riddle. Hiroki and I looked at the system today and everything seems to be functional and in good working order. It is my suspicion that there is something missing or out of place, but do not know what exactly. If it is at all possible to obtain a schematic or anything that Embry-Riddle has sent Mission Support would be very useful in this circumstance. Please let either the Commander or myself know as soon as possible.