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Crew 160 Journalist Report

December 29, 2015

Sol 3

Cassandra Vella

Today Ashley and I started the morning off right with rehydrated blueberries in sweet sauce on top of pancakes along with a side of rehydrated eggs. A couple hours after breakfast, Ashley and I hunkered down for Habcom duty while all the guys headed out for their EVA. The guys paired up and sent one pair out hiking and one pair out on the ATVs and those on the ATVs came back and switched with the hikers for the remainder of the EVA. We were all working on following coordinates and communicating over the com with the separation because of distance with the ATV travel. We’re really excited to work this out tomorrow when the rest of the crew is familiarized with the ATVs.

While the boys were out on their EVA Ashley and I began making some tasty bean and rice for lunch burritos. We’re planning on making some mixed bean soup and tortilla chips for dinner later tonight.

We’ve declared tonight is movie night so we’re going to huddle up for some DVDs after Mission Support sign off and once daily research is completed.
Ashley enjoyed her shower last night and put a little too much sugar in her tea afterwards, reinforcing the unofficial nickname, “Giggles.” Hiroki has not mentioned his feelings towards his shower tonight, update to follow.
While inside during the EVA, Ashley and I learned that the mouse, “Sprinkles” (Named by Crew 158/159), lives above the stove in the wall connecting behind the refrigerator; she talks back.

The weather looks pretty nice outside today, no complaints from the EVA crew on it. All the windows are shining bright today. Sols 1 and 2 were nice as well, I apologize for the lack of update. Sol 1 was full of sun and Sol 2 was partly cloudy.

Also, John began setting up the Aquaponic system in the GreenHab with Marc and Hiroki, so we’re going to see what else they can do with that project while we are still here.