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Daily Summary Form

SOL: 03


Commander: Lycourgos Manolopoulos

Second in Command: Ashley Hollis-Bussey

Summary Title: Second EVA completed and entertainment schedule implemented.


Morning briefings

1.       Update crew on second EVA mission information which included safety factors for ATVs        as well as a reminder on how to properly start and disembark the ATVs.

2.       Surprise crew with the entertainment schedule that the executive officer (Ashley) and I (Lycourgos) have been working on. The schedule is below this report.

Mission planning for the day

Ashley, John, Cassandra, and I were conducting the first EVA and informed them on the buddy system setup to ensure maximum safety. I also briefed Marc and Hiroki, today’s HabCom team, on how to utilize the radios for group talk communications and how to complete the daily EVA checklist.

1.      0800 – Mandatory Wake Up

2.      0830 – Breakfast of rehydrated fruits and oatmeal

3.      0900 – Crew members are briefed on EVA mission and HabCom duties

4.      1000 – Personal Time/Research Time

5.      1030 - John, Marc, Hiroki and I (crew commander) are prepped for EVA

6.      1100 – We embark on our EVA mission.

7.      1211 -  The EVA was completed

8.      1300 – Removal of EVA gear, John decided to end his research due to faulty equipment

9.      1330 – Delicious lunch served from chefs Ashley and Cassandra

10.     1500 – Crew members have personal time/research time

11.     1730 – Dinner is served

12.     1800 – Begin reports

13.     1900 – Submit required reports to Mission Support and maintain communication

14.     2100 – Acknowledge sign off from Mission Support

15.     2130 – Movie night! The crew will decide on the movie (yet to be determined)

16.     2300 – Free time

Mission planning for the week

1.      Marc was kept busy working on the floor of the crew estate room, fixing EVA suit 3 charger, fixing zipper on GreenHab, finding solution to battery for ATV, overseeing construction on Aquaponics, and documenting issues with rover.

2.      Ashley will be providing 15 minute astronomy lessons in the MDRS “hallways” regarding constellations visible from Mars during our rotation.

3.      Hiroki and John will work with Marc with the Aquaponics system for the GreenHab.

Mission planning for the remaining time of the mission

1.      Reports will continue to become more efficient (at some point-hopefully)

2.      Engineer will continue to work on requested items as well as any new problems that may occur.