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EVA Number: Crew 160

EVA #03 Summary Report

EVA Date: 30th Dec 2015

Crew Commander Reporting

Purpose of EVA:  Two members that do not have much experience with ATVs were taught how to ride them as well as practicing our relay tactics so that we can maintain constant communication with HabCom. I separated the EVA crew as 2 pairs with one pair taking both ATVs. Please refer to ATV location below. For the communication relay portion, we found a far more beneficial relay point located at 12S-051850E-425108N which should be noted for future EVAs as well as future crews rotating at MDRS. Once the first pair reaches the destination below with the ATVs all crew members met at the front of the Hab and then conducted the mission once more, swapping roles (ATVs and relay).

Location of EVA: 12S-051910E-425145N

Number of EVA Crew: 4

Crew Members going on EVA: Cassandra, Marc, Lycourgos, Ashley


-        ATV 1 Used: Yes
-        ATV 2 Used: no
-        ATV 3 Used: Yes
-        ATV 4 Used: no

ATV time usage: 15 minutes (total)

Duration of EVA: ~2 hours

EVA departure time:  1059
EVA return time:  1256

Time Checks:

-       1st: 1139
-       2nd: 1153
-       3rd: 1200
-       4th: 1216
-       5th: 1222
-       6th: 1241
-       7th: 1247


EVA Number: Crew 160

EVA #04 Summary Report

EVA Date: 30th Dec 2015

Crew Commander Reporting

Purpose of EVA:  This was an urgent EVA requiring the Engineer as well as another crew member to investigate a small breach at the exterior of the HAB located on the floor to the left of the EVA airlock door. The breach had frozen/slushy water surrounding the area. We had an issue with the loft pump which had a pulse every three seconds very late last night and seized early this morning. We would like to see if this issue is related to the water outside the HAB located near the breach.

Location of EVA: 12S-051825E-425020N

Number of EVA Crew: 2

Crew Members going on EVA: Marc, Hiroki


-        ATV 1 Used: no
-        ATV 2 Used: no
-        ATV 3 Used: no
-        ATV 4 Used: no

ATV time usage: N/A

Duration of EVA: ~30 minutes

EVA departure time:  1614
EVA return time:  1650

Time Checks:

-       1st: 1630

Summary: The two members conducted the emergency EVA and took photos of the separation of the sheathing of the HAB as well as the water leakage. Marc inspected the inside of the breach as well and took photos for further inspection. From the EVA, it’s determined that the loft water pump issue we were having was completely irrelevant and not a destructive factor to the issue located outside of the HAB. Since this issue has been around for a while, yet, not detrimental to the structure of the HAB, further instructions and approvals will be required by Mission Support for any temporary reconstructions.