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Crew 160 GreenHab Officer Sol 5

Dec. 31, 2015

Hiroki Sugimoto

The zipper was completely sewn and attached to the GreenHab today (Fig. 1). The zipper is closed currently. The temperature inside the GreenHab was 37.8F (3.2C) at 4 pm. From tonight on, we will take 4 times a day for the temperature for three consecutive days: morning, afternoon, evening, and 4am to see any change in temperature and ability of the GreenHab to keep the temperature constant after the completion of the zipper.

Lycourgos and John looked into the plant growth tent in the lab area of the Hab and set up the grow light as well as testing the ventilation system. Both work just fine. They will place the radish seeds in the tent once they sprout.