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MDRS Daily Summary Report for sol 1 1/10/2016

Getting Started!

Mission Status: Today, the crew familiarized themselves with operations of the Hab and planning EVA. Safety trainings from HSO and Crew Engineer were the highlights of the day.

Sol Activity Summary: The day started on a very positive note, with bright weather greeting our morning. We got off to a team debrief. Our crew commander put us through the day’s schedule. At 09.30, our Martian crew welcome a guest from the Australian Mars Society, Peter Nikoloff on board the MDRS. The crew commander and engineer showed our guest around the hab and got him acquainted with our research projects. Afterwards, we set out to clean up the hab and prepare our workstations. Our HSO took us through safety drills, explaining what to do in case of emergencies during EVAs and lab operations. We tried on our suits and took some pictures and planned SOL 2 EVA.

Look Ahead Plan: An EVA is planned for tomorrow. A team of three will head north of the Hab to observe soil samples and decide on locations for sample collection for their research.

Anomalies in work:  There are no anomalies to report.

Weather: The Martian sky was very bright and clear today.

Crew Physical Status:  Each crew member is doing fine! Our HSO checked with everyone and is satisfied with physical status.

EVA: There was no EVA today.

Reports to be filed:

Commanders Report

Journalist Report
Biologist Report
Engineering Report

Support Requested: Approval for EVA for SOL 2