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Sol 1 Crew Journalist Report

Crew Journalist: Adeniyi Adebayo

10 January 2016

Hello Earthlings!

Crew journalist reporting on our first day on Mars. The day started on a very positive note, with a bright and warm weather greeting our morning. Our crew commander, captain Dee (Divya Shankar) saw off the outgoing crew early in the morning after which we got off to a team debrief. Captain Dee put us through the day’s schedule. At 09.30, our Martian crew welcomed a guest from the Australian Mars Society, Peter Nikoloff on board the MDRS. The crew commander and engineer (Comrade Lenin) showed our guest around the hab and got him acquainted with our research projects. Afterwards, we set out to clean up the hab and prepare our workstations. Our HSO (Officer Nat) took us through safety drills, explaining what to do in case of emergencies during EVAs and lab operations. We tried on our suits and took some pictures. Lunch was prepared by Comrade Lenin (Mikhail Khmelik) and Officer Nat : chicken noodle soup with bacon.The crew members afterwards worked on their various research projects, making plans and discussing schedule. Today was a very beautiful day on Mars