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EVA #1 Summary Report

EVA Date: 11th Jan 2016
Purpose of EVA: For preliminary observation of environment and soil collection for growing plants
Location of EVA: 12S-518518E-4251308N
Number of EVA Crew: 3

Crew Members on EVA: Divya Shankar, Mikhail Khmelik, Natalia Glazkova


- ATV 1 Used: Yes
- ATV 2 Used: no
- ATV 3 Used: Yes
- ATV 4 Used: Yes

ATV time usage: 0.28 Hours
Duration of EVA: 1.30 Hours
EVA departure time: 11.10am
EVA return time: 12.21am

Time Checks:

- 11.10am Departure from Hab
- 11.23am Stop ATV and started walking
- 11.51amReached target
- 12.12am Left the target
- 12.17am Head back from the target and started using ATV
- 12.21am Reached Hab

Summary: We located the target and collected soil samples. Had problem in having continuous radio communication with habcom. Reached the target with a very little (50m) offset with the proposed location. Had problems in following trails on ATVs. Looking forward to mark the trails in the next EVA. Took photographs and a Gopro video during the activity.


Divya Shankar
CommanderMDRS Crew 161