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Crew 161 EVA #2 Summary Report
EVA Date: 1/12/16

Crew HSO Reporting: Natalia Glazkova
Purpose of EVA: To see the surroundings and mark the trial in 1km radius and collect the soil for plant growth.

Location of EVA: 12S-518100E-4250800N

Number of EVA Crew members: 3
Crew Members going on EVA: Mikhail Khmelik, Adeniyi Adebayo, NataliaGlazkova


- ATV 1 Used: No
- ATV 2 Used: No
- ATV 3 Used: No
- ATV 4 Used: No

ATV time usage: 0 Hours

Duration of EVA: ~1.74 Hours

EVA departure time: 1057
EVA return time: 1231

Time Checks:

- 1121, 12S-517940E-4250786N, Reaching target location.
- 1127, 12S-517943E-4250801N, Soil sample #2 (Grey) collected.
- 11.30, 12S-518100E-4250800N, Location of the road trail.
- 1144, 12S-517969E-4250697N, Marked the beginning of the trail on the highest point.
- 1149, 12S-518005E-4250721N, Soil sample #3 (Purple-ish) collection.
- 1153, 12S-518024E-4250721N, Soil sample #4 (Red) collection.
- 1212, 12S-518535E-4250537N, The location of the ATV marks where the previous crew left the 3 vehicles and walked to the destination.
- 1216, 12S-518617E-4250668N, The location of ATV marks


1) We reached the high point of the mountain and marked the major surrounding landmarks.

2) We located the main trail for future EVA with ATVs and places to leave the ATVs.We collected 3 soil samples from different locations for the plant growth project.

Crew HSO/Biologist