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Crew Commander Daily Report

SOL 05
Crew 161
Crew Commander: Divya Shankar

Started our day with Oatmeal breakfast followed by Engineering Checks. Our Crew HSO accompanied the crew engineer for the checks and they filled static water tank and gasoline to the ATVs that we are using. We went on ATV for EVAs and explored more Mars and found the location to test our robotic arm and also decided to collect the same samples for Region 2 chemical analysis.  During this, we tested radio communication and figured out we can have communication with the Hab within 1km radius and we lost contact when the hills block our path.  Crew XO/Journalist and HSO worked as HabCom for the day.  We had delicious food cooked by our Crew Journalist. After EVA, Veronika and Natalia spent time in the observatory, checking dome noise and repairing it, observing moon and taking photos while I did some chemical tests on the sample collected yesterday and joined them after a while. Later we all spent our evening doing reports and planning our next EVA.

Thank you

Divya Shankar
MDRS Crew 161