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MDRS Daily Summary Report
Sol 5 1/14/2016
Shear Capacity of Martian Soil.
Executive Officer Reporting
Mission Status: Research projects are on track and mission is going on smoothly. Glitches with communication gadgets persist. Mapped out longest reach of radio COMMS and applied a relay method to keep communication with HABCOMM 
Sol Activity Summary: EVA #4 was the main activity for this SOL. Crew engineer, Mikhail Khmelik led a crew of three to explore possible locations for testing his robotic arm. He plans to start with soil with low shear capacitance and progressively move to harder places. Afternoon was devoted to different research projects. Chemical analysis of the different soil samples have started in earnest. Crew biologist, Natalia Glazkova, observed the progress of the radishes and her bean sprouts. Crew astronomer observed the moon and took some nice shots.
Look Ahead Plan: An EVA is planned for tomorrow.
Anomalies in work:  Still having issues with radio communications. Range less than 2km from the HAB.
Weather: The Martian sky was  bright and clear today.
Crew Physical Status:  All crew members are hale and hearty!
EVA: Crew engineer, Mikhail Khmelik probed different locations for the lowest shear capacitance. He has coordinates for locations to test his robot arm.
Reports to be filed:
Commanders Report
EVA #4 report
Daily Summary Report
Astronomy report
Journalist Report
Biologist Report
Engineering Report
EVA request #5
Support Requested: No support is requested