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Astronomy Report

Name: Shteyngardt Veronika

Date: 01/15/2016

Sky Conditions: 01/14 from almost clear to completely covered by clouds
Wind conditions: -
Observation Start Time: -
Observation End Time: -

Summary: 01/14 We observed the Moon and we waited for a comet, but the weather did not allowed us to observe. Today, 01/15 I plugged in all cords for autoguide and the dome, checked the programs and now I am waiting for going and playing with autoguide.

Objects viewed: the Moon.

Problems Encountered: 1) The “clack” sound goes from the pier, from somewhere inside, it seems like from the part when USB-ranger is. It happens when telescope is stationary.

2) Sorry, if I missed something in the instructions and guides and consume your time, but I cannot figure out the reason of the next situation: the dome is not synchronized with the telescope. Telescope is in switch position, all cables seem on their places, program MAXDOME II see the telescope and the dome, but when I click “slave dome to Scope”  it starts series of rotations like turn  ~ 20o, stop, waiting, new ~ 20o, stop, waiting, repeat this cycle till I uncheck the box. Like it cannot find the telescope. What might I have done wrong?

Yours sincerely,
Shteyngardt Veronika