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Journalist Report

Crew Journalist Adeniyi Adebayo

Hello Earthlings,

Even though we had plenty of training on living for extended periods outside the Earth, nothing trumps experiencing this in reality. Nothing on Earth could have prepared us 100% for the journey ahead. Our crew, having spent the last 6 SOLS beyond the reach of our conventional habitat, under a gravitational pull that is a third of the Earth’s, we seem to be experiencing the lethargy that comes with such journeys. Waking up grudgingly, we made our ways to our work stations. Commander Dee tried to raise our spirits by sharing her vision for us as a team over breakfast. Her vision is to bring the crew back to earth with substantial data to push forward the frontiers of our understanding of the Red Planet.

Today’s EVA was led by Comrade Lenin to test his robot. EVA was successful, Comrade Lenin was satisfied with the tests. Lunch was made by Captain Marmot: brown rice with veggies and salmon. Commander Dee worked on her chemical analysis afterwards, Captain Marmot and Capt. Natik played board games and Comrade Lenin worked on his codes.

Evening was more fun. Captain Marmot showed us Iridium on the night sky. Later, we made pancakes together and planned to watch a movie together. A wonderful end to the day. Tomorrow, we await the arrival of a new crew member from Earth. We are all really excited for that.

Pictures from today’s SOL.

With regards from Mars