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Journalist Report

Crew Journalist Adeniyi Adebayo

Hello Earthlings,

The day was mystifyingly productive. SOL 7 saw us welcome our new crew member, work on individual projects and work together on future team activities. We have no doubt that this renewed energy is from mother Earth, and we gladly embrace. We welcomed new crew engineer Mahbubur Rahman (captain MacBook). We spent the first half of the day anticipating his arrival. He arrived the HAB at about 11.30 and the HAB took on a lively look immediately: we have a new earthling! It is amazing the excitement of listening to Captain MacBook talk about all the news on Earth.

Co-engineer, comrade Lenin showed captain MacBook around the HAB and explained his roles to him as a co-engineer. Afterwards, we all had lunch together. We were delighted to have fresh fruits from Earth. Crew commander worked on her chemical analysis afterwards and captain MacBook settled in very fast in helping co crew engineer to assemble some parts of the robot for soil collection.

We had general team debrief in the evening. Commander Dee welcomed our new crew member and laid out the plans for the next half of our rotation on Mars. We discussed our mid-rotation video which we plan to send to Mission Support tomorrow.