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Mission Support,

Commander Report

Sol 08

Crew 161

Crew Commander: Divya Shankar

Morning started with daily briefs and we discussed our plan for the day. Two Crew Engineers and Crew Astronomer went on EVA to test the robot. It was our crew engineer Mahbub's first EVA and he has thoroughly enjoyed riding ATV, testing robot and the beautiful Mars view. Three of us stayed in the Hab supporting EVA as HabComms. We welcomed them after their tiring EVA and served them food. We started discussing the plans for the video production and decided to add our EVA GoPro videos with some shots of our in-Hab activity. We shot some scenes for the video after lunch. Our crew journalist with crew biologist started putting them together and working on the movie. We would take some more shots tomorrow and complete the movie. Later in the evening, we discussed some of the safety concerns to be followed during the video shoot and EVAs and came up with plans for our next week on Mars.

Looking forward for tomorrow's adventure on Mars!

Thank you