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MDRS Daily Summary Report

Sol 8 1/17/2016
Space Oddity.
Executive Officer Reporting
Mission Status: Research projects are on track and mission is going on smoothly.
Sol Activity Summary: Today’s SOL was crew engineer, Mahbubur’s first full day with us and his first EVA experience. Co-engineer, Mikhail Khmelik led a team of three to test his robot. The team reported unsatisfactory results from the tests. The rest of the day was dedicated to shooting our mid-rotation video. We deliberated on scenes to include from our daily videos and what the underlying story should be.
Look Ahead Plan: An EVA is planned for tomorrow.
Anomalies in work:  No anomalies to report
Weather: The Martian sky was  bright and clear today.
Crew Physical Status:  All crew members are hale and hearty!
EVA: EVA activity was reported as only partially successful. Robot was tested with some complications. Crew engineer, Mikhail Khmelik is working to solve the issues that arose with usage.
Reports to be filed:
Commanders Report
EVA #6 report
Daily Summary Report
Journalist Report
Biologist Report
Engineering Report
EVA #7 request
Astronomer’s report
Support Requested: No support is requested

Best Regards from Mars,
Adeniyi Adebayo,
Executive Officer, Crew 161