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Mission Support,

Crew 161

EVA #7 Summary Report

EVA Date: 16th Jan 2016

Crew Engineer Reporting

Purpose:  To test the power of motors on the robot

Location: 12S-518206E-4253574N

Number of EVA Crew: 3

Crew Members on EVA: Mikhail Khmelik, Mahbub Rahman, Veronika Shytnegardt

- ATV 1 Used: Yes
- ATV 2 Used: no
- ATV 3 Used: Yes
- ATV 4 Used: no
- RED ATV used: Yes

ATV time usage: 1.00 Hours
Duration of EVA: 1 hour 28 min

EVA departure time:  11.15am
EVA return time:  12.43pm

Time Checks:
- 11.15am - Airlock
- 11.18am - EVA starts
- 11.50am - Robot deployed
- 12.00pm - Tried to fix the issue with connection
- 12.30pm - Return to the HAB
- 12.43pm - Entered the HAB
Coordinate Checks:
- 12S-518905-4250977 - Comm lost
- 12S-518206-4203574 - Soil for the robotic arm

Summary: Test unsuccessful. After transportation robot wheels lost tight connection with motors axis. Tried to repair on site, but lacked instruments: hexagon key needed. Had to return back to the HUB. Will need another EVA. Probably at the same time with the gripper test.