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Crew GreenHab Officer Daily Report

Sol # 8

Crew # 161

Crew GreenHab Officer: Natalia Glazkova


The beans were planted in various combinations of Earth and Mars soil. I used the Martian soil sample #5 collected during EVA # 3 at the location 12S-5120605E-4248671N (25 cm depth sample). I filled 3 planting cells with the following ratio of Potting Mix/ Mars Soil: 100/0; 50/50; 70/30. Other 3 planting cells with beans were filled with the same ratio of Potting Mix/ Mars soil, but the fertilizer was added to each of the cells. All 6 cells are put into the plant incubator inside the Hab.

Note: Soil analysis has been done by crew Commander Divya for the research.

Natalia Glazkova
Crew HSO/ Biologis