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Crew GreenHab Officer Daily Report

Sol # 10

Crew # 161

Crew GreenHab Officer: Natalia Glazkova


Watering duration: once a day in the morning. Moisture level of the soil in the evening 33%.

Light exposure: 18h per day (7.00-24.00)

Morning temperature: -

Evening temperature: 20ºC

Height lamp bulbs to plant: 17’’


Several hypotheses for reduced sprouting success (of both beans and radish) in the 30/70 soil mix:

  •  30/70 soil content mixture is mostly clay and therefore provides poor water drain.
  • high moisture level because clay soil is dense and holds water.

Long term exposure to the UV light could be the reason of the yellowing leaves.

I plan to reduce the time of exposure to the UV light down to 15 h per day and will keep the moisture level of 25%.  I also planted rest of the beans today (soil samples #6,#7; mix ratio: 50/50, 30/70), so we will have a chance to see whether the changes would affect the plants.

I was not planning to transplant the seedlings to the bigger pots. Due to the instructions received before the mission, I suppose to dispose the material at the end of the rotation.

Natalia Glazkova
Crew HSO/ Biologist