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Mission Support

SOL 10

Journalist Report

Crew Journalist Adeniyi Adebayo

Hello Earthlings,

Happy to report our crew is making substantial progress across all research projects. The day started as usual with team debrief. Our EVA crew, led by Comrade Lenin (Mikhail Khmelik), set out for the Wash area to test the robot. The crew reported very positive results, with the robot demonstrating good agility and robustness on the rough Martian terrain. The robot is controlled using computer keys. While this is not the final iteration of the robot, Comrade Lenin is quite satisfied with the progress so far. The next step will be to mount a scooper to the existing design for remote soil collection. The engineering team is still working on this and soon we will be using this robot to collect soil on Mars. 

The diversity of our crew means there is a lot of diversity in our meals. Crew engineer, Captain MacBook (Mahbubur Rahman) from Bangladesh treated us to a meal he calls MacCurry: macaroni with veggies in curry sauce. We all loved it! Later in the afternoon, Comrade Lenin taught a 90-minute session on iterative programming on Matlab. After the session, we all retired to our cabins for some rest. Captain Marmot (Veronika Shtyengardt) spent the evening in the observatory taking some astrophotos. We are all eager to see what’s out there when she briefs us tomorrow morning.

All in all, SOL 10 was a success and we are looking forward to the remaining days of our rotation.

SOL 10 Photos