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Sol 11

Crew 161

Crew Commander: Divya Shankar

Our crew astronomer woke us up early in the morning to watch ISS passing over at an elevation of 89degree almost at the zenith to the hab. We had regular morning meeting and engineering checks after that. Four of us went on EVA to collect samples for my Region 3 Chemical Analysis.  It was bright sunny day outside on Mars. We did the physical analysis on site and collected samples. ATV 4 had a problem while returning back. We still managed to reach the hab safe and on time. Crew Biologist and Journalist served as HabCom for the day and cooked us delicious food. We continued to do our research activities in the lab after lunch. In the evening meeting each one of us updated the progress of the projects, planned tomorrow's EVA and tonight's star gazing, comet hunting activities.

Thank you


Divya Shankar
MDRS Crew 161