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Crew 161 Astronomy Report

Name: Shteyngardt Veronika

Date: 01/20/2016

Sky Conditions: small clouds on the horizon, extremely bright almost full Moon.

Wind conditions: windy
Observation Start Time:  21 30
Observation End Time:   01 30

Summary:  the comet was very well visible,  I took 60 photos with 32 seconds exposure to stick them together. Also, I made  pictures of the Moon. Tried to make photos of some nebulae, but the Moon was really bright to observe them, so, I just observed.

Objects viewed: the Moon, comet Catalina, M81, 82, M45, Jupiter.

Problems Encountered:  We found that clack sound goes from box on the top of the pier with “Celestron” sign. I can feel something when put my hand on that box. I will send a picture tomorrow, just in case.