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Crew 161 Veronika Shteyngart

EVA #10 Summary Report

EVA Date: 21th Jan 2016
Purpose of EVA:  To test the robot collecting the soil samples.
Location of EVA: 12S- 518206E-4253574N
Number of EVA Crew: 4
Crew Members on EVA: Mikhail Khmelik, Veronika Shteyngart, Adeny Adebayo


- ATV 1 Used: Yes
- ATV 2 Used: no
- ATV 3 Used: Yes
- ATV 4 Used: no
- ATV 5 (Red) used: Yes

ATV time usage: 20 minutes

Duration of EVA:  27 minutes

EVA departure time: 11.15 am
EVA return time:  1.05 pm

Time Checks:
- 11.17am Departure from Hab
- 11.24am  Start ATV
- 11.35am – approximate accident time
- 11.45 am End EVA

Summary: We did not reach target and  had an  accident. After the  accident happened we made sure that our crew member was not significantly injured, examined the ATV and went back to the Hab.