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Date: 23 Jan 2016
Crew Engineer Name: Anderson Wilder
Diesel – 70%
Propane – 15%
Gasoline (5 Gallon containers for ATV) – 5 Gallons
Water (trailer) measured in inches from the top– 28 inches (EMPTY)
Water (static) measured in inches from the bottom – 37 inches
Trailer to Static Pump used – Yes
Water (loft) – Level 8
Static to Loft Pump used – No
Water Meter: 103,898
Atv # 1,3,5 Oil Checked: Good
Atv # 1,3,5 Fuel Used Gals: 0
Atv # 1,3,5 Tires Status: Good
Atv Hours Used Day: 0
Atv Notes And Comments: ATV #2 does not work at all. ATV #4 battery
reported to be really low, so not operational. Will attempt to charge
battery this week
Summary of Engineering activities: Went through basic engineering report
procedures. Drained trailer tank, everything is good.
Notes: We thought we smelt a hint of gas but it went away as quickly as
it came up. Will continue to monitor that for any other events. Water
Pump hose may either be cracker near neck or just not tightened to pump.
Will have to examine and test further at a later date.
Questions and Concerns to Mission Support
What is the hole in the ceiling above the crew quarters. Is that going
to cause us any problems or expected problems throughout the mission.
Especially if it starts raining or snowing, which the reports say it
will do by the end of this week.
Need to get a refill on the trailer water tank.
Trash needs to be taken out.
Lab sink faucet, downstairs, is dripping. Can I turn it off under the
A new copy of the engineering check-list to confirm that everything is
being maintained properly