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rew 162 Journalist Report Sol 02

January 25, 2016

Carmen Felix

After an exciting day yesterday and a peaceful night, the Commander and the myself started the day really early. We prepared some coffee while we updated our Team Website and work on some pictures from yesterday. When Anderson got up, the Commander prepared an awesome breakfast: chicken, cheese and egg burritos (although I ate my breakfast without the tortilla) and we chatted about our schedule for the day.

After breakfast we started working on documents we needed to send about our team and work, and we updated our social media. Around mid-morning, our Crew Engineer went to do the daily engineering checks around the habitat. We helped him to suit up and prepare for the EVA. The Commander and I stayed inside to train me as HABCOM. The Commander made the decision to postpone her Soil Sample EVA to assist Crew Engineer with his first Engineering checks in full sim and using full suit. She also took that time to work on the plant growth experiments.

As Health and Safety Officer, I took time during the morning to organize the medicine counter and get an idea of what is available in case of an emergency. I also did some video shooting inside the habitat for the mission documentary I am preparing. When the Crew Engineer came back from EVA, we stayed working on our research and planning our mission events.

Today we had pasta for lunch! Cheese macaroni and GF pasta with tuna. After lunch, we all did some cleaning and prepared ourselves for recording the first video as a team for ISU master class. It was fun to address a video to ISU students and look for their involvement in our mission because we all care so much about our alma mater.

During the afternoon we had a team meeting to talk about our plans for the week. Commander finalized setting up the temporary greenhab for the plant experiment that she will be doing during our stay. To relax and to keep up good health, we decided to do some exercise and some jogging inside the tunnel that connects the habitat and the greenhouse.

We had a lovely day here on Mars, and I can feel that we are working as a team towards a great common goal.

Until tomorrow!!