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Crew 162 EVA Report

EVA #01 Summary
EVA Date: 26th Jan 2016

Purpose of EVA: To collect topsoil samples from highpoint locations in
the immediate area surrounding the habitat for investigating
micrometeorites that have fallen through the atmosphere.
Location of EVA: Habitat,

38° 24' 23.25' N, 110° 47' 30.85' W

Number of EVA Crew: 2

Crew Members on EVA: Felix, Garifi

ATVs Used: N/A
ATV time usage: N/A
Duration of EVA: 0.5 hours
EVA departure time: 10:30
EVA return time: 11:00

Time Checks: N/A. EVA crew was within line of site of hab and constantly

in contact with HabCom for airlock egress/ingress and EVA status.
Summary: Armed with sample collection tools, the Commander and HSO began
the first hunt for micrometeorites. The original plan, approved by the
MDRS Director, was to collect samples from the roof of the Barnacle
on-site using a broom, dustpan and bucket. However, the top of the roof
was very clean and had no accumulated dust and was therefore not an
ideal collection spot. EVA lead aborted this part of the EVA and did not
fully climb on the roof.

EVA team then hiked up a short hill northwest of the hab to acquire a
sampling of topsoil and sand using a folding shovel and bucket. HSO
experienced a Luca Parmitano-type EVA helmet anomaly; her headband fell
into her eyes slightly and her radio earpiece slipped down to her chin
as we descended the hill. Commander lead her safely back into the
airlock as the EVA was complete. Crew Engineer assisted EVA team
following airlock repressurization.

Soil samples will be cleaned, sifted using a series of sieves, and
imaged using a USB microscope. Stay tuned to find out if our team
collected any iron particles that fell to Earth from space!