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Crew Commander Daily Report
Sol 04
Crew 162

Crew Commander: Renee Garifi

Today our crew practiced resource management, an underutilized skill on
Earth when convenience stores are often within walking distance of most
Earth homes. Run out of rice? Get in your automobile and drive 5 minutes
to a grocery store where you can purchase not only dried pantry goods
but fresh fruits and vegetables available year round regardless of
season or country of origin. This is not the case on Mars where every
last drop of water and mega byte of internet has to be accounted for in
order to prevent a contingency plan or to request a resupply, which
could take months or years depending on technology readiness and
Earth-based space program budgets.

Our crew has been conscious of water, food and fuel supplies, monitoring
our usage daily and reporting back to mission control. We arrived to the
habitat 4 sols ago and have been conserving water as would any crew at a
base with limited access to renewable supplies. I authorized all crew to
take a short 5 minute shower for the first time since our arrival to the
hab. This news was well received as the crew was eager to prepare our
hab and our professional appearance in anticipation of the arrival of
our visiting crew tomorrow morning, on Sol 05. Following a nutritious
lunch of chicken salad with fruit and vegetables and homemade country
bread, our crew was renewed in mind, body and soul and ready to take on
our next planning task.

Until tomorrow, Crew 162 Commander Garifi, signing off.