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Crew 162 Daily Summary Report for Sol 04 1/27/2016

Summary Title: The calm before the storm
Mission Status: Another day of hard work by our crew on individual
research and mission goals. We are in our final preparations for a
visiting crew docking tomorrow morning for media interviews.

Sol Activity Summary: The crew enjoyed a beautiful sunrise from the 2nd
floor hab window while starting our day with meditation and yoga. We
held our morning daily planning conference over breakfast and commenced
with research experiment tasks, engineering checks and cleaning and
organizing the habitat. We divided tasks and will finish the remaining
straightening and sweeping tonight. Two of our crew made a priority to
get physical exercise by running the tunnel between the hab and the
observatory before sharing lunch and discussing our plan for tomorrow
over our afternoon planning meeting. We did not have an EVA today but
anticipate one tomorrow.

Look Ahead Plan: Tomorrow (Sol 05) we will have our first visiting crew.
The second visiting crew will take place next week on Sol 10.

Anomalies in work: Low internet bandwidth today reducing comms with
mission support. We think we know the culprit and hope to remedy the
issue and prevent it from happening again.

Weather: Beautiful clear and sunny day on Mars. Little to no wind.

Crew Physical Status: Health & Safety Officer reports that crew is fit
to carry on daily activities and recommends continuing their vitamin and
hydration regimen.

EVA: Crew did not perform an EVA today but plans to complete one

Reports to be filed:
Commanders Report
Engineering Report
Journalist Report
HSO Report
GreenHab Report
EVA request

Support Requested: Crew Engineer requests support in response to trash
removal from hab and water and propane refills.