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Carmen Felix
Sol 04, 27/01/16
Crew Health & Safety Officer/ Journalist

The health of the crew is good in general. We haven’t had any major
concerns or any accidents. We have been trying to exercise by jogging
and doing yoga.  I require them to drink enough water, and we are trying
to eat as healthy as possible.

We all three have been taking some Vitamins to avoid getting sick.
During the week, two crewmembers reported light headaches during the
afternoon, and yesterday one crewmember had a sort of allergy, so it was
recommended to go to bed early. Today, the symptoms were not there

As we are three, we are all doing a lot of things, covering different
positions. We have been waking up really early everyday and with a lot
of energy, but by the end of the day we feel tired, but between the
normal range.

HSO also made an inventory of all the medicines and equipment inside the
“medical cabinet”, and organized it. The list was printed and placed
inside the cabinet for future reference. HSO is planning to give a list
of recommendations next week, regarding equipment that would be
important to have at hand.

There is no concern regarding the crew’s health so far.