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Crew 162 Journalist Report Sol 04
January 27, 2016
Carmen Felix

Today has been a very calm and relaxing day. We woke up around 6:30a.m.
and started our day by doing some morning yoga. It feels great to be
able to stretch all your body and meditate for a while. Later during the
day we also did some jogging to keep up with energy.

We manage to cook an awesome breakfast and lunch: eggs with bacon and
veggies, and for lunch chicken salad. It was yummy yummy! We are also
taking vitamins to be as healthy as possible here.

After breakfast we started working on our research but around 11a.m. we
realized our bandwidth was almost over!! So, we were faced with the need
of not using Internet until CapCom window opens later today at 7pm.
Today was also shower day, the first one for us since we arrived. We did
this with the help of a bucket, as we need to be very careful with water
here. There is only so much water we have available for the day.

Our commander made some bread, unfortunately for me it was not gluten
free, and I couldn’t try it but my crewmates loved it!
During the afternoon we worked on our research, our writing, videos, we
cleaned the entire hab and set up everything for tomorrow’s visiting

As an engineer myself, I am happy about setting up the Rover and the 3D
Printing! Yeiiii. Until tomorrow!