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Crew Commander Daily Report
Sol 05
Crew 162

Crew Commander: Renee Garifi

At 09:00, my Health & Safety Officer and Executive Officer suited up to
perform engineering checks. Once they were outside, I let them know our
visiting vehicles were in site from the crow's nest on the second floor
of the hab. They proceeded on ATV to the fork in the road to greet our
visiting crew and usher them to our hab. Once the Fox news teams
unloaded their spaceships, HabCom authorized airlock ingress and
repressurization cycle. The reporters were as equally excited to talk to
us about planetary as we were to showcase our projects. We hosted
interviews in the hab, in the greenhab, and the observatory. We took a
tour and discussed how to prepare for a trip to Mars- what to pack, who
to bring with you and how to utilize resources once you arrive. Our team
was sincerely honored to be a part of promoting MDRS and the work done
by the Mars Society. We hope the news reports make their way to the main
page next month.

One of my favorite things to do is discuss the future of manned space
exploration: Where we've been, what we're doing now and where we want to
go. This topic is the reason our team is completing a research rotation
here at MDRS. We are creating the future of Mars this very day at analog
sites like MDRS around the world. The reporter asked me my thoughts on
an individual company or single space program sending humans to Mars in
the coming years and if I think it will really happen. My reply to her
was this: 50 years ago, the human race had not yet left our planet.
Imagine what we can do in another 50.

Until tomorrow, Crew 162 Commander Garifi, signing off.