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Crew 162 Daily Summary Report for Sol 05 01/28/2016

Summary Title: Lights, Camera, Action!

Mission Status: Our crew put in a long day and worked harder than the 4
previous sols. Our team work element is strong and our presence on Mars
has been made known.

Sol Activity Summary: A visit by two sets of Fox News station reports,
Salt Lake City and Denver, joined us at the hab for press coverage of
the Mars Society, MDRS and ISU on Mars research. In preparation for
their visit, we set up all of our experiments in show-and-tell mode,
including Dusty the NorCal robotic rover and the Cube 3-d printer. It
was an incredibly fun day talking about Mars, science and the future of
the human space exploration with the reporters who eagerly tried on a
helmet and EVA backpack. Despite the visit, we were able to maintain sim
and Fox news has now experienced the airlock cycles and wait time!

Look Ahead Plan: Sol 06 will be a rest and independent research Friday.
Bad weather predicted this weekend, possible snow on Sunday Sol 08. We
will have our second media visit on Tuesday, Sol 10, by a professional
photographer from London.

Anomalies in work: No current anomalies to report. Trash was removed and
trailer water tank was refilled.

Weather: Another photographic day on Mars. Cool and clear with low wind.
A great day to film an EVA!

Crew Physical Status: Crew is thriving but HSO recommends more sleep
for all crew.

EVA: Crew performed an ATV EVA in sim to Little Canyon River with Fox
News in tow to demonstrate ground truthing and field soil sample
collection. Crew Engineer will be submitting the EVA summary report.

Reports to be filed:
Commanders Report
Engineering Report
Journalist Report
GreenHab Report
Astronomy Report
EVA #2 Summary Report
Daily Photos

Support Requested: No support requested from Mission Control at this