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VA Number: Crew 162

EVA #02 Summary Report

EVA Date: 28th Jan 2016
Executive Officer Reporting

Purpose of EVA: We request a 3 person EVA by ATV for the purpose of
demonstrating to our visiting media crew how to take a soil sample from
a remote, high altitude location in sim. We would like to collect loose
topsoil from a lookout point at the Little Canyon location. In addition,
we will perform an in-situ ground truthing activity using paper maps and
GPS units provided by the USGS
0Location of EVA: 12S-518206E-4253574N
Number of EVA Crew: 3

Crew Members going on EVA: Felix, Garifi, Wilder


- ATV 1 Used: Yes
- ATV 2 Used: No
- ATV 3 Used: Yes
- ATV 4 Used: No
- ATV 5 Used: Yes

ATV time usage: .75 Hours

Duration of EVA: ~2.0 Hours

EVA departure time: 1445
EVA return time: 1645

Time Checks:

- None with HAB as entire team was out on EVA, we stayed in visual
contact and checked in on radio every 5 minutes.

Summary: We rode out to the designated coordinates with the news crews
following us, stopping along the way to allow them to get their
necessary shots. We reached the coordinates and proceeded to dig for
the samples for the micrometeorite research. We also developed
understanding of the difference between the coordinates on the USGS maps
and the GPS units that were taken out on the EVA.