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Crew 162 Journalist Report Sol 05
January 28, 2016
Carmen Felix

Today was a very long day for us. As yesterday we couldn’t use Internet
much, we woke up today earlier than other days and finished some work.
We knew that the Fox news crew was arriving to our hab around 9 a.m. and
we wanted to have everything ready for their arrival.

We set up the 3D Printer! It worked with the pre-set test, but we had
some problems to get it working when we tried sending our own file. We
will take a look into that tomorrow.

We spent the entire day with Fox Crew; we did some interviews inside the
hab and outside, properly dressed for EVA. We talked to them about our
projects and about MDRS. We prepared lunch for them: Italian Mix Soup
with Pasta. They liked experiencing how is to cook on Mars, and they
were really interested in knowing more about the way we live here in

We went outside to do an EVA for soil sampling, and the crew filmed us
all the way down. They filmed a lot and they were very happy with all
the things we shared with them. Our filming day ended before 6 p.m.,
right on time to eat something, as we were really hungry after a packed
day. We have started working on reports, and we look forward to getting
some rest.

We also remember today to Challenger’s Crew, and we are honored to know
that our work here, and in all space analogs, contribute to increasing
space safety and ensuring that all our astronauts come back home to
their families and friends. In their memory, we dedicated this day to