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Crew 162 Journalist Report Sol 06
January 29, 2016
Carmen Felix

SOL 06 on Mars and we decided to dedicate today to work on our personal
projects and slow down a little bit. We all felt exhausted by the end of
the day yesterday, so today we are trying to recover all our energies to
continue with the mission.

We prepared Mexican Chicken Salad and Burritos for lunch! It was tasty
and spicy because of the jalapeños. Our commander is creative in the
kitchen and we are enjoying our meals on Mars. ¡Riquísimo!
During the day, Engineering checking’s were done and ATV checks. It
seems that sometime during the weekend we will have some snow. Snow on
Mars! How cool is that?

Being here has made me reflect on how lucky we are to be part of planet
Earth, and how beautiful is our own planet. Looking at the awesome
landscape, you realize how diverse is Earth, not only in human cultures,
but also in ecosystems, from the oceans to the dry deserts. I am excited
to look at the 5-planet alignment again, and enjoy a clear night sky.
During the afternoon I figured out that the problem with the 3D printer
yesterday was that one of the ink injectors got clogged, so when I tried
with another ink cartridge it worked just fine. I decided to play a Star
Trek episode in the background while working, so appropriate for the
Mars setting.

At the end of the day we worked on our reports and team website blog.
I am looking forward to continuing yoga, and by the way, we also played
some cognitive games to keep our focus.

And that is how another beautiful day on Mars has come to its end. Until