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Prepared by Officer Anderson Wilder

Summary Title: Don’t Look Back

Mission Status: Half-way +1.

Sol Activity Summary: Crew 162 worked on chores, research and education &
outreach videos. It was a somewhat laid back day. Besides the things
already listed crew handled other personal things. Nothing more to report
for the day

Look Ahead Plan: Severe winter weather came today with definite snow. We
will have our second media visit on Tuesday, Sol 10, by a professional
photographer from London.

Anomalies in work: No current anomalies to report. We are still locked out
of the observatory but astronomy mission support is working to get a
replacement padlock and key.

Weather: Throughout the day it got progressively more cloudy and the amount
of snow has increased throughout the day and now the entire ground is
covered in snow. Looks like it’s here to stay

Crew Physical Status: Crew has been taking vitamins and getting more rest
and just generally taking care of itself

EVA: None performed today and none requested for tomorrow

Reports to be filed:
Commanders Report
Engineering Report
Journalist Report
Daily Photos

Support Requested: Help in locating mouse traps but other than that nothing
at this time