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Summary Title: It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

Mission Status: Half-way +2.

Sol Activity Summary: Crew 162 worked on chores, research and education &
outreach videos. It was a somewhat laid back day. Besides the things
already listed crew handled other personal things. Nothing more to report
for the day

Look Ahead Plan: We will have our second media visit tomorrow, on Tuesday
Sol 10, by a professional photographer from London.

Anomalies in work: We are still locked out of the observatory but astronomy
mission support is working to get a replacement padlock and key.

Weather: It continued to snow during the day but stopped by mid-afternoon

Crew Physical Status: Crew has been taking vitamins and getting more rest
and just generally taking care of itself

EVA: None performed today

Reports to be filed:
Commander Report
Engineering Report
Journalist Report
Daily Photos
Greenhab Report
EVA #4 Request

Support Requested: Help in locating mouse traps but other than that nothing
at this time