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EVA Number: Crew 162

EVA #04 Summary Report

EVA Date: 02 Feb 2016

Executive Officer Reporting

Purpose of EVA: We request a 3 person EVA by foot on the hilly area
surrounding the hab for the purpose of performing an in-situ
ground-truthing activity using paper maps and GPS units provided by the
USGS. The secondary purpose is to assist our visiting photographer with
creating new, professional photographs for promoting the Mars Society's
MDRS Program.

Location of EVA: 12S-518206E-4253574N

Number of EVA Crew: 3

Crew Members going on EVA: Felix, Garifi, Wilder

ATVs: #5

ATV time usage: 20 mins

Duration of EVA: 2 hrs

EVA departure time: 1500

EVA return time: 1700

Time Checks:
None with HAB as entire team was out on EVA, we stayed in visual
contact and in the immediate vicinity of the hab.

We did some ground trothing during the EVA at different points
around the hab.  However, the compass on the yellow GPS is wrong, though
the coordinate system seemed to be okay but that will need some further
verification. Walked around on the hills and flat spots around the hab for
the photographer to get his shots.  Crew Engineer performed engineering
checks and tested an ATV and so the photographer got photos of that in use.